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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Two bulls die in AP jallikattu

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The dairy cattle celebration close Kuppam town finished in a disaster on Sunday with two froze bulls passing on after a railroad motor struck them, and twelve revelers enduring wounds in the 'Pasuvula Panduga' or jallikattu. 

Two bulls die in AP jallikattu

Despite the fact that the celebration does not entirely coordinate the Tamil Nadu variant, it attracts a huge group to the Gudupalle mandal central station close Kuppam town. 

An expansive gathering of revelers assembled at Gudupalle alongside dairy cattle for the bull race, including youth and ranchers from neighboring Tamil Nadu towns like Natrampalle and Pachur. 

According to the diversion governs, the excited bulls, which were said to have been subjected to inebriation, were discharged away from any detectable hindrance to be subdued by members. The coordinators had three classifications of prizes for "controlling" the creatures inside the stipulated time and set limit lines. The villagers of Nulukunta Kothapalle were proclaimed to have won the principal prize of ₹4,000. Twelve youth were purportedly harmed, with some who had obvious wounds getting treatment at the neighborhood healing center, and those with wounds just leaving. 

Froze bulls 

Around 4 p.m., two bulls that were pursued by the members crossed the town limit cutoff points and dashed to the adjacent railroad track. 

Despite the fact that individuals pursued the creatures to stop them, the bulls were lethally hit by a prepare motor which was intersection the Jolarpettai-Bengaluru segment.

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